Monday, February 23, 2009

Assignment 5

Drawing in class
Drawing storyboard due this Wednesday 2/25
sequence of photos
3 points of view
5-10 seconds at least 12 fps
Stop-motion w/ different & combination Camera motions include smooth & jitter
Reveal Time longer than 5-10 seconds
Video Crits 3/2, due 3/4
CG crits 3/4, due 3/6

Time Lapse Omniscient

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Assignment 4

Use the hand arm
push/pull heavy object out/in of frame
Close-up shot
Equal and Opposite reaction
Video- composition, movement, length…post
Drawing- anticipation follow through (x2 ) push/pull…post
Animation- 3-5 seconds (mitt fingers)…post
Include 12 principles
Review next Monday…Due the 25th Wednesday
CG project due Friday the 27th

video of hand drawing up-close

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Assignment 2

Finish Anticipation Follow Through Drawing and Photos

Make sure you have posted Squash/Stretch drawings and animations should be include 2 balls (will be graded on both)

For Wednesday post Anticipation Follow Through photo (timing), drawing (exaggeration), cg (articulation) all front, side, rear

For Friday watch Computer Animation Part 1 , Part 2